Welcome to Hawaii’s Forbidden Island…

Ni’ihau is the least visited and least understood of Hawaii’s inhabited islands.

There are many Hawaiians who don’t know much about it and have never visited!

If you’re curious about Ni’ihau and want to know the history or how you can visit, you’ve come to the right place.

On this site, you’ll discover resources all about Ni’ihau, including plenty of inspiration to help you plan an (allowed) trip to this private island off the coast of Kauai.

Learn About Ni’ihau

33 Fascinating Facts About Ni’ihau

If you’ve heard of Ni’ihau, it’s likely that you haven’t heard very much. After all, this Hawaiian island is the least visited and is actually closed to the public to visit without special permission…

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The History of Ni’ihau

Curious about the history of Ni’ihau before you visit? Learn about the island’s violent volcanic formation, followed by important chapters in Ni’ihau history including settlement, sale, and tourism today…

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The Ni’ihau Incident

The Ni’ihau Incident is one of the darkest chapters in Ni’ihau history. Learn about how the events of Pearl Harbor affected the island and how locals responded. Also discover other resources to learn more about the event…

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How to Visit Ni’ihau

How to Visit Ni’ihau: 8 Ways to Visit Hawaii’s “Forbidden Island”

Maybe you’ve seen it off in the distance: Ni’ihau, the westernmost inhabited Hawaiian island, which sits within eyesight of Kauai – but is basically impossible to reach. Okay, let’s be honest: it is pretty darn hard to visit Ni’ihau. The whole “Forbidden Island” nickname makes sense since you need permission to visit (even though the invite-only status isn’t why it earned the moniker), and there are no hotels or other tourist attractions on Ni’ihau. Despite that, it is possible to visit Ni’ihau – and you might be surprised at how many different options there are…

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Other Ni’ihau Resources

10 Books about Ni’ihau
for your Hawaii Reading List

If you want to learn more about Ni’ihau, you’re not alone. There are a number of books about Ni’ihau that will help give you an even greater understanding of this little-visited island and what makes it special….

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Ni’ihau Souvenirs: Ways to Bring the Island Home

Ni’ihau is such a unique destination – it’s definitely worth leaving some space in your suitcase to bring home a souvenir. These will allow you to experience Ni’ihau at home whether you’re still planning a trip or thinking back fondly on yours.

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7 Ways How to Learn Hawaiian
(Inspired by Ni’ihau)

Did you know that Ni’ihau is the only place in the United States where Hawaiian is the primary language? If you want to learn Hawaiian, there are lots of options that will help you learn Hawaiian before you ever set foot on the islands.

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